About Me

I’m a writer. That’s who I’ve always been. Though I guess it’s the nuance that makes it interesting. A woman, a witch, a mother, a partner, a friend, a daughter, a perpetual learner, a depression manager, an anxiety over comer, a non-drinker, a liberal, a re-watcher, a casual gamer, and at times a thinker. I’m a polyamorous Texan who misses the North she was born in. I have a love / hate relationship with nature. I have a useless Bachelor’s degree and a compulsion to belt songs so entirely out of my vocal range small dogs wince. I dance like the white woman I am and shame my Czech ancestors with my dislike of sauerkraut. Food is medicine and while sugar might be evil, I absolutely adore it and will take some to the grave with me. Mostly because I want to be burned in a funeral pyre like a respectable woman and the addition of sugar would make me caramelized and frankly this pleases me.