I Wanna Bake A Cake

I woke up hopeful and was then crushed with disappointment. As a white woman, I feel the need to say, “What in the actual fuck, white women?”

I am new enough to the ranks of allies that I am still constantly surprised by the depth of white women’s compliance, acceptance, and promotion of white supremacy, sexism, and religious suppression. Honest. To. Goddess.

After a day of *poorly* dealing with my stress by being vacant and stressed, I am once again hopeful. Hopeful that I will be making a cake to not stress eat come morning. But a true celebration. There is definitely mourning to be done, but celebration is important in and of itself.

And then, honestly, talk about something other than politics for a hot second. Or a month. Like I still have a shit ton of personal work to be doing and I doubt the Spirits are super happy about me being out of my body over something I have no control over and completely ignoring everything else in the world.

Frankly, I feel like adoring my partners a bit, and writing about how thankful I am for their presence and support and love. Or about parenting. Or friendship. Anything other than how divided America is and what we’re going to do about it. Important, but there are more ways to focus, fight, and work than waiting for election results.

Here’s to waking up to good news that should have been a foregone conclusion days ago. Here’s to baking a cake not out of stress but out of happy tears that come from days, weeks, months, years of tension being released.

And getting back to life. I have homeschooling to plan. Meal plans to prepare. Poems to write. Things to crochet. Astral planes to explore. Jk, I’m a Taurus, I’m all about this plane baby.

Look, I appreciate everyone reading this but I am genuinely on E. Again. To anyone able to create during this – I give kudos. But hope to jump back in – with a cake. I promise pics. And I promise they’ll be nailed it worthy.

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