Food: Meditations

Today is simply some thoughts I have had about food today.

Fasting was definitely invented by a woman who decided she was DONE cooking for everyone for a hot second. Including herself. “I’m gonna call it a cleanse and go to bed.”

I miss real food. Though that’s difficult to say as I’m not sure I’ve ever had it. Suddenly, I’m longing for fruit not covered in pesticides. Water that was treated by mountain streams. Meat that wasn’t given antibiotics from birth. Cheese that was made using milk that wasn’t filled with puss. Bread that was made using wheat that doesn’t destroy and inflame your intestines.

My female partner has a tendency to cook as if she is feeding 3 adult gerbils instead of humans and I have the tendency to cook like I’m feeding 3 adult silver back gorillas instead of humans and why are we like this.

Autumn was made for stews and shawls and throws not 79 degree weather, Texas. I can’t even enjoy my damn cinnamon rolls.

I hex every narrative of a woman who decided that her body’s worth was in its appeal to others – be it curvy for bearing children, thin for being sexy, soft for being safe, hard for being an enemy – nope. Everyone’s body is their own. The end. Thanks.

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