The Spirit of Discord

I got into a rather heated argument with my mother last night. To oversimplify the argument – I believe in facts and she seems to struggle with them. While we are both spiritual, she is a devout Catholic and I am my own high priestess, thank you. I bring this up not to throw shade at my mom, but because of a mindset that she and many Christians seem to share that was brought up at the end of the argument – that the Spirit (for non Christian peeps this means God in the almighty sense) does not want discord among it’s followers. Jesus was the Prince of Peace after all.

Except –

No. That is a gross interpretation of who Jesus was, what he came to do, and how he spent his time on earth. As well as controlling and unhealthy interpretation of the term peace at all.

Jesus came to fuck shit up. Not with swords, granted, but definitely smashing the patriarchy. Whenever he would get into public arguments with those who opposed him – *cough* the uber religious groups *cough* – he would prove his point and humiliate them to the point where they PLOTTED HIS MURDER and then MURDERED HIM. Like. This was not a man who said ‘Let’s let bygones be bygones.’ He said, “You’re wrong. Your idea of God is wrong. The way you control the people by misrepresenting God is wrong. And I’m not going to stop trying to change things to free the people from *you assholes*.”

Jesus brought discord. Jesus refused to stay silent. Jesus brought peace to the oppressed by speaking out for them, by refusing to stay silent when threatened. He was not here to bring peace to the oppressors by soothing their conscience or telling them that we all make mistakes but they meant well. He called them rotten tombs. He told them a prostitute had a purer heart they theirs. He called them out on their double standards. He called them out on their hypocrisy, gluttony, and performative holiness. He hurt their feelings.

Performative holiness: in case anyone needs a modern day example – donating ones 400k salary to “charity” while one lines one’s own pockets with millions from taxpayers by paying one’s own fees to golf at one’s own resort with one’s entourage.

Jesus made people HELLA uncomfortable. ESPECIALLY his own family. Or do we choose to selectively forget when he refused to come home quietly with them and instead denounced them as his family? They are the ones who changed their tune in the end and became his followers – not the other way around. He did not respect his elders more than his truth. He did not leave them to God and continue his work quietly and peacefully. He called them out and left them on read.

Peace is not keeping my mouth shut during holidays. The Spirit in me gives zero shits about how uncomfortable I feel, or how uncomfortable my family feels, because discomfort from hard discussions is not oppression. Being called out is not oppression. Being called not nice things on the internet is not oppression. Being cancelled because you’re a racist is not oppression.

Being afraid to leave your home because of the high chance of death is oppression. Having your places of worship burned because of the color of your skin is oppression. Having those who swore to protect and serve murder you in increasingly high numbers with no consequences is oppression. Having your land stolen from you and polluted while you are kept in poverty and denied autonomy and recognition is oppression. Being gaslit constantly that your poverty, lack of education, and living situation is entirely your fault from not hustling enough when you make half as much from the same work as someone whose skin is lighter than yours and has a dick is oppression. When your culture, language, and appearance are regarded as inferior for the simple reason that it is different than those in power over you is oppression.

Being told happy holidays instead of merry christmas is not oppression. Having national holidays for a religion that is not your own is not oppression.

I would do well to take a moment to remind people that to the privileged, equality looks like oppression. That doesn’t mean it is. It’s just not privilege anymore.

Having Eid be a nationally recognized holiday doesn’t mean you have to celebrate it. Something nonchristians have long known about easter and christmas. Consider it a bonus day off. Watch football or whatever it is you people who when it’s not about you.

To sum up: No. I am not going to be silent in the name of peace – that’s not peace. That’s silence. They are not the same thing. Yes, the Spirit is the Spirit of Discord when it comes to calling out oppression, bigotry, sexism, racism, classism, and any other type of injustice. The God you claim to worship would not stop talking even as they put him on a cross and left him to die of suffocation or exsanguination.

And make no mistake about it, they put him up there because he was right. Because he exposed their rottenness and revealed that the rot they railed against in others was not the blight they proclaimed it to be but a symptom of the very oppression they inflicted upon them.

Man if that isn’t an accurate af description of modern day republicans what is?

I digress.

Black lives matter. Happy Diwali! Indigenous lives matter. Healthcare is a right. Reparations are the only way forward. Climate change is real. Trans lives matter. Gender is a creation of society not nature. Equal rights for all. Love is love. Billionaires should be taxed until they aren’t billionaires anymore because hoarding that much wealth while people are homeless, starving, and dying from lack of access to healthcare is a monstrous act. Etc ad nauseum.

Get out of here with your Pax Romana bullshit.

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