Secret Sauce

Short one today folks. But important none the less. While I cannot say that I have ‘many’ friends, being an introvert with a rather complicated ranking system in my brain – don’t ask, I won’t tell anyway – I can tell you that I have known many people for a long time, friends or not. And they all have one thing in common: They are better looking in their 30’s than they were in their 20’s. Period. Across the board.

Women? Check. Men? Yup. Married? Yes. Single? Uh-huh. Kids? Even with the tiny life suckers. *Everyone* looks better in their 30’s. It is an almost universal truth. I look better in my 30’s. Both of my partners look better than ever. My friends are getting hotter.

*We are only just beginning to hit our stride, fram.* I need us to believe it. I need us to understand the good gifts we are to the world, to each other. I need us to revel in our secret sauce – Our Age. Our experience. Our humor. Our wisdom. Our courage. Our god damn tenacity. We are still here, still fighting, still growing, still changing, still healing despite everything from shitty advertisements, to sexist management, to violent presidential rhetoric, to global pandemics, to crashing economies, to excessive debt, to the demands of parenthood in 2020. We are queer. We are non conforming. We are loud. We march. We speak up. We demand more and better and good things for our neighbors and our children and our elders. We hold each other. We are allies. We are changing the world by changing ourselves.

And we look good as hell doing it.

*Note:* Except racists addicted to orange tans, cheap hair dye, and brown nosing. You all look absolutely ridiculous.

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